Recently I have been receiving a lot of questions about terpenes. What they are, what they do, if they are “really” even that important? So I decided to draw up a brief informative on the subject for those of you who are interested.

Although THC is the only Federally classified element, there are over 140 active compounds found in cannabis. Terpenes are a large group of those compounds.

What are Terpenes?

Terpenes are what give cannabis its odor and flavor. They’re classified as aromatic organic hydrocarbons. A hydrocarbon is an element that only has hydrogen and carbon in it. Terpenes are produced as light is given to the cannabis plant while growing. They form inside secretory cells that are within glandular trichomes. Cannabis industry workers refer to trichomes as the hairs of the buds of a cannabis plant.

Unfertilized female plants hold the highest concentrations of terpenes.
Terpenes are important to the cannabis plant. The more terpenes enclosed in trichomes you have, the likelihood of a high potency strain there is.

What Role do Terpenes Play for Cannabis In Nature?

Terpenes play a major role in the cannabis plant. Besides giving cannabis its smell and flavor, terpenes also, act as protectors to the plant. Terpenes aid in warding off fungus and bacteria that can infect and/or kill a cannabis plant.

How Terpenes Work in the Body.

Terpenes like to dissolve with fats, so they attach to your lipids/fats to resemble the effect of serotonin. Essentially, they aid in boosting your mood and helping you feel happy. You’ll also feel more alert and your reaction to conversation or movement will be better.

Terpenes are the true magicians when it comes to getting high from cannabis. THC itself is very cerebral and energetic in nature. It is only in conjunction with terpenes, acting as a catalyst, that you begin to feel the variety of effects which we associate with different “strains” of cannabis. For example, limonene is what is responsible for citrus smelling strains. It actually thins the blood brain barrier and enables your body to absorb more terpenes and more THC, thus producing a stronger high. While Myrcene is the most common terpene found in cannabis and is known for its sedative effects. Some researchers believe that the concentration of myrcene found in a plant dictates whether a strain will have more sedative indica effect or an energetic sativa effect.

Which Vape Cartridge strains are Recommended for What?

Here are a few recommendations for some basic categories:

Best Daytime Strains

Best Nighttime Strains

Best Social Strains


If anyone has any questions or if you would like to add your wisdom please post your comments below.

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