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SNX THC Oil Distillate Dablicator


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Amount: 1/2 Gram of 1 Gram

      • Manufactured from Borosilicate Glass
      • Heat resistance allows for direct contact with banger/nail
      • Convenient for storing

      Clear Oil

      • Pure THC Oil Distillate
      • Made from 100% natural growing medical grade cannabis from Northern California
      • CO2 extracted from raw organic medical grade Marijuana
      • Winterized
      • Decarboxylated
      • Triple fractional Distillation
      • Cannabis derived Terpenes
      • Lab Tested Potency (91% THC)
      • Full Spectrum Strain Specific Organic Terpenes

      SNX THC Oil Distillate Dablicator

      What is a “Dablicator”?

      A Dablicator is an oil applicator syringe invented as an easy, most efficient way to dispense oil. The vision was to create the easiest, most efficient way to dispense oil. It is ideal for all hemp products — including RSO — distillate, live resin, CO2 oil, and broad spectrum CBD to name a few.


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