MENDO GRAPE – Nug Run Shatter





THC% –  79.41

Mendo Grape Kush packs sweet and spicy mangoes and fresh citrus mixed with spicy grapes into each and every delicious toke. The aroma is earthy and hashy, with hints of spicy grapes and sharp tropical citrus.  The onset hits your mind first, launching you into a state of mental clarity that’s accompanied by a creative lift. As your mind soars, a deeply relaxing buzzy body high will wash over you, keeping you anchored to the world below and totally at peace. Thanks to these effects and its high potency, Mendo Grape Kush is often chosen by those suffering from conditions such as chronic fatigue, depression, chronic stress, headaches or migraines, and chronic pain.




  • Nug Run
  • Extracted using a proprietary BHO/PHO/EHO solvent blend
  • Purged completely of all residual solvents
  • Winterized
  • 100% Pesticide Free


A brittle, glasslike cannabis extract with a tendency to snap when handled. Shatter is named for its breakability, like broken glass, and is favored for its ease in handling while dabbing. It requires long, delicate purging cycles to properly remove all solvents used in the manufacturing process.



Shatter is an extract, which is a type of cannabis concentrate that’s produced using a combination of Marijuana plant materials and solvents. The appearance of shatter is typically translucent, though its coloring can range from a bright honeylike amber to a darker yellow shade like olive oil.

The best method of consumption for this particular type of concentrate, much like many others, is dabbing it with a trusty dab rig. If you don’t have one, contact us and we’ll gladly point you in the right direction.


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