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Venom OG Shatter



Venom OG Shatter – Private Reserve


THC – 84.17%

The sweet venomous sting from this indica-dominant hybrid is only shadowed by the piney, lemon scented bomb it delivers to your nostrils; thankfully, no one needs to suck it out of your skin for you to survive. The almost instantaneous effects will begin in your forehead and inch slowly down your back, leaving you relaxed, slightly scatterbrained and with a bit of dry mouth. This brightly-colored, taffy-like shatter is perfect for a night in and will aid patients seeking relief from chronic pains and insomnia.


Venom OG Shatter



  • Nug Run
  • Extracted using a proprietary BHO/PHO/EHO solvent blend
  • Purged completely of all residual solvents
  • Winterized
  • 100% Pesticide Free