Vapor Slide 2-IN-1 Button-less Vape Battery


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Portable vape for “desktop vaporizer”-style-hits

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Vapor Slide 2-IN-1 Button-less Vape Battery – V1

The Vapor Slide V1 2-IN-1 Design Button-less Battery & Cartridge is an innovative new solution in vaporizer technology that works on its own or in conjunction with your favorite water pipe! This 18350 L-ion battery provides desktop-vaporizer-style-hits from a convenient 5.5” portable vaporizer.

When equipped with the Vapor Slide, your water pipe will produce thick plumes of vapor without any additional prompting from you other than your basic inhaling. You’ll recognize when the Vapor Slide is ready through LED lights. The Vapor Slide incorporates an impressive 18350 L-ion battery to deliver the potent plumes you crave. Finally, you can combine the party vibe of the water pipe with the cleanliness and healthiness of vaping. You can also use the Vapor Slide without a water pipe as a strong portable vaporizer. It’s rugged yet sleek and stylish frame is designed from highly durable 6120 aircraft aluminum with resilient rubberized plastic at the handle for a comfortable yet secure grip.

Bubbler Sold Separately Here


  • Length: 5.5″ inches
  • Glass cartridge
  • Ceramic coil
  • Power cable
  • Packing tool
  • Buttonless – 2 in 1 design

Vapor Slide 2-IN-1 Button-less Vape Battery V1



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