UNICORN SPARKLES Infused Foods Variety Pack


Can’t decide which yummies you might like? With our Unicorn Sparkles Infused Foods Variety Pack you’ll never have to wonder again – Try them all today, and pick your favorites tomorrow!


UNICORN SPARKLES THC-Infused Foods Variety Pack

Medicate with the magic of unicorns while you treat your cravings with this mouthwatering snack. Infused with 100% pure Cannabis oil distillate, Unicorn Sparkles THC-Infused Foods give a potent effect and body high that relaxes every muscle and elevates your mood.

Made with 100% Pure THC OIL

UNICORN SPARKLES Edibles are manufactured and infused with 100% Organic and solvent Free C02 extracted clear THC oil.

  • All Unicorn Sparkles Edibles identify as gender-neutral.
  • No unicorns were harmed in the making of this product.
  • A portion of all proceeds will go to NOPUX, the National Organization for Prevention of Unicorn Extinction.

What is a Unicorn?


noununicornplural noununicorns
  1. a mythical animal typically represented as a horse with a single straight horn projecting from its forehead.
    • a heraldic representation of a unicorn, with a twisted horn, a deer’s feet, a goat’s beard, and a lion’s tail.
  2. something that is highly desirable but difficult to find or obtain.
    “an album like this is something of a unicorn”
    • A start-up company valued at more than a billion dollars, typically in the software or technology sector
      “a currency-exchange unicorn”
  3. a rare creature that is able to give you the thing you always wanted but thought you could never have
  4. a mythical species of horse that is extremely hard or impossible to catch. Only virgins can come near a unicorn. A unicorn’s horn is known to neutralize poison, cure any disease, and resurrect the dead. If you ever meet a unicorn that isn’t looking at you or coming near you, forget about being its companion, or even coming near it because unicorns solely choose their own companions. Also, if you manage to capture the unicorn, you will obtain immortality. However if you cage in a unicorn after you capture it, it will run away.

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