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THCA – 98.99%

With Tahoe Lemonade THCA Diamonds, you’ll find a citrusy strain that’s both pungent in smell and taste. Its genetics stem from the infamous Tahoe OG Kush combined with Lemonade and offers consumers a delightful aroma and taste that’s not unlike drinking a glass of lemonade in summertime. However, it does have notes of pine on the exhale, but this is what gives it an extra kick of earthy zest.

Tahoe Lemonade is brought to us by HSH Nevada and is currently only found in Nevada. If you’re lucky enough to come across this strain, give it a try since it’s a rare find. It’s a sativa-leaning hybrid and is believed to get your cerebral activity going while helping improve your mood. Users often report feeling revived and rejuvenated after consuming Tahoe Lemonade. They also report that its has helped improve their focus and made certain tasks seemingly easier to complete.


Every time it seems like we’ve reached the ultimate pinnacle of achievement in cannabis extracts, something new comes along that gets you even higher.  Right now, at the tip top of the high-end hash market, are “diamonds”—large lovely crystals of pure THCA, the “acid” form of cannabis’ main active ingredient, THC.

For THCA, the process of crystallization takes at least two weeks, sometimes a month, but such patience is rewarded. The resulting diamonds—composed of isolated, homogeneous molecules—test at 95 to 98% pure THCA.

Testing five times as strong as cannabis buds, these THCA diamonds are “dabbed” off of special water-pipes (Dab Rigs, E-Nails, Wax Pens, etc.), resulting in soaring euphoria appropriate only for high-tolerance aficionados.

Diamonds are like the “Moonshine” or “Everclear” of concentrates, and as such should be avoided by those who don’t know what they’re getting themselves into.

Unlike Moonshine or Everclear, however, crystalline THC can only be activated by a process called decarboxylation (fancy science talk for “adding heat to it”), so ingesting this substance will yield no effect. The best method of consumption for this particular type of concentrate, much like many others, is dabbing it with a trusty dab rig. If you don’t have one, check out our selection of Gear or contact us and we’ll gladly point you in the right direction.


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