Stoner Ninja (Gold Label) Tahoe Cookies – 500mg

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Stoner Ninja Brand


Tahoe Cookies (Gold Label) Terp Sauce Cartridge

THC 91.02%

Stoner Ninja Gold Label Tahoe Cookies effects are rather immediate, vibrating through you with blissful creativity. On the body side, giggles, tingles, and arousal may occur and you’ll feel super relaxed during it all. Distraction and sleep can follow.  This strain can treat insomnia, inflammation, chronic pain, appetite loss, and nausea.  Tahoe Cookies is suggested for evening usage.

1 review for Stoner Ninja (Gold Label) Tahoe Cookies – 500mg

  1. Richard E

    strat59 (verified owner)

    G.O.W. does it again, this gold tahoe cookies is bangin’.., it should come in bigger mg.’s though.. thanks G.O.W.

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