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SNX Gorilla Glue Clear CO2 Oil Cartridge

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3 reviews for SNX Gorilla Glue Clear CO2 Oil Cartridge

  1. Jo

    jodwightfry (verified owner)

    Strong stuff that really takes the pain away…you also won’t care. I always have Gorilla Glue. It should be in everyone’s collection of vape cartridges!

  2. Beau

    beau27h (verified owner)

    One of the best strains for those that need to relax. It tastes like lemonade with slight earthy diesel tones. Makes you feel like someone hit the slow motion button and then dialled up gravity about another 50 percent, It’s like total frontal lobe disconnection. This is def a stay at home strain!

  3. Rochelle

    TrixxiStarr (verified owner)

    One of two cartridges I ordered. It really helped me relax and took the edge of my sciatica pain. Hybrids are my go-to for pain relief. Thank you for fast delivery!

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