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SNX Bubble Gum Glue Clear CO2 Oil Cartridge

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Stoner Ninja Extracts 


Bubble Gum Glue Cartridge

THC 70.34%



    Bubble Gum Glue  Clear CO2 Oil Cartridge

    1 review for SNX Bubble Gum Glue Clear CO2 Oil Cartridge

    1. Beau

      beau27h (verified owner)

      It tastes 100 percent like bubble gum, so much so that it seems fake. That taste makes you want to take a huge hit but when you do it hits your throat and lungs like smoking hash, That taste just hides how strong this strain is. It has that same feeling you get from Gorilla Glue (Like some one pushed the slow motion button) but unlike gorilla glue you also get a strong hazy relaxed feeling in your brain. This combination made me laugh uncontrollably at times, Def a favourite.

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