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Grav Labs Cup Bubbler



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Grav labs Slurpee Cup Bubbler

So Fresh!

Inspired by the Icee / Slushie / Slurpee cup, this rig is sure to give you brain freeze and make your friends envious.

50 mm thick wall glass flame-worked into the most cup-holder friendly design featuring a fixed diffused downstem, 14mm Octabowl and 14mm recessed Dewar seal, can quench / evoke an insatiable thirst for smoke. Can be used with your favorite 14mm Quartz banger or titanium domeless nail for some serious ripping!



  • Height: 5.5″ (top of cup)

  • 14mm GRAV Bowl(For flower) Included.  **Quartz bangers & nails sold separately

  • Downstem features a 4 hole filtration pattern to ensure smooth hits.

  • 14mm Female joint

  • Scientific Glass

  • Designed by GRAV – Austin, TX