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Gluelato Live Resin Sugar





THC% –  98.60

Glue-lato is a hybrid mix of the two parents, Gorilla Glue #4 and Gelato. The second thing you’ll notice is the extremely pungent scent that escapes the jar as soon as you open it. The taste and smell is a combination of rubber, fuel, earth, and something sour that sort of tickles your nose. Helps with ailments that range from anxiety to minor pain relief. This strain would be suitable to smoke anytime throughout the day, it wont make you too tired during the day and it won’t keep you up at night if you smoke too much.

    Gluelato Live Resin Sugar


    It’s not sweet, but live sugar is a delightful form of live resin. Live sugar has the consistency of thick sugar bits in honey, hence its name. It’s an amber-colored goo that results from a unique way of processing cannabis plants: alive.

    That is, when cannabis plants are processed before they’re cured, the material contains a higher terpene content than the dried material used to make things like shatter. The extra oils in the plant material during processing leads to honey-like consistencies.

    The distinguishing factor that separates live resins from other concentrate products is the elevated terpene content that these extracts tend to contain. Live resins, on average, carry a more robust terpene concentration than traditional cured BHO extracts. In addition to producing a more pungent aroma, higher and more complex terpene profiles can also deliver an elevated psychoactive experience because terpenes can interact with cannabinoids such as THC and CBD.

    The best method of consumption for this particular type of concentrate, much like many others, is dabbing it with a trusty dab rig. If you don’t have one, contact us and we’ll gladly point you in the right direction.


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