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FORBIDDEN Blue Sapphire Star Flower *Private Reserve*


Type: Hybrid
THC: 24.79%

    FORBIDDEN Blue Sapphire Star Flower *Private Reserve*



    Lab Tested

    THC 24.79%

    CBD .05% CBN .15%

    CBG 1.0%


    Blue Sapphire Star, aka Sapphire Star, is a true hybrid at 50/50 Indica/Sativa, though its genetics and cerebral effects tip slightly toward the sativa side. It is a cross of God Bud, an indica, and Blue Hawaiian, a sativa-dominant hybrid. It’s sativa-dominant, though the exact ratio of sativa to indica isn’t clear. Likewise, there’s only limited information on THC and CBD levels, though there’s little evidence to suggest either is especially high. This strain is quite possibly named for its bluish accents and starry coat of white crystal trichomes.

    It’s easy to find – if you live in or near Arizona. Otherwise, you’ll have a tough time getting your hands on Sapphire Star. This strain sells on the Arizona medical market but is much harder to find elsewhere in America.

    Sapphire Star and its happy cerebral effects make for an effective way to treat anxiety, low mood, irritability, and stress. These cerebral effects and energy balance an indica calm creating a comfortable psychoactive experience conducive for creative and social activities. Expect a limited body buzz and clear-headed mental effects, including euphoria, focused thinking, an energy boost, and increased creativity.

    There are no negative effects widely reported, though that probably reflects this strain’s rarity than lack of side effects.

    Sapphire Star tastes and smells of berries, with a sour, Skunky aroma and a sour flavor with hints of wood. Mixing these berry overtones tinged with the sour skunk aroma builds a complex flavor profile you won’t soon forget.


    Aromas SkunkySour


    FORBIDDEN Blue Sapphire Star Flower *Private Reserve*


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