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CCell Palm Cartridge Vape Battery


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    CCell Palm Cartridge Vape Battery

    CCELL is purpose made specifically for powering cannabis vape pen cartridges. Unlike other batteries in the industry that are basically re-purposed e-cigarette technology, CCELL batteries were designed from the ground up to be more powerful and longer lasting that other vape pen batteries.

    Clearly the Palm was designed for easily pocketing your vape and even concealing it if you need to. The square shape is simple to hold and operate. This battery has no buttons and works by just inhaling to activate the heating element. Your cartridge slides into the side and you are still able to see how much oil you have left by looking at the back of the battery.

    *Vape Cartridges Sold Separately

    Flip Key Fob Vape Battery –  This is a key-fob style vape battery that operates like a switchblade.  Once you press the button a concealed (hidden) vape cartridge swings out of the unit and clicks into place.


    • Size: 2.2 in x 1.4 in
    • No buttons, no settings, simply inhale for 2-4 seconds to activate
    • Portable and discrete
    • Works with 510 threaded cartridges
    • Power to provide 150+ hits per charge, USB charging
    • Available in 4 different finishes
    • Cartridge not included



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