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BRNRLab Binz 4 Cartridge Case


    BRNRLab Binz – 4 Cartridge Case

    BRNRLab Binz Cartridge Case is compatible for use with all Stoner Ninja Extracts Cartridges! Purchase with or without 4 SNX 1g Cartridges.

    BRNRLab‘s Ultimate Case and Organizer to Protect Your Cartridges!

    Tired of leaking carts? Dry hits? Say less. You pay a lot for your carts so protect them and keep them organized with the BINZ!

    Shock resistant pods can carry up to four 510 cartridges. When placed upright, the BINZ will hold your carts and pens in place to keep the oil at the core and prevent clogging.

    The BINZ is made with eco-friendly, hemp silicone that contains an antimicrobial and antibacterial coating to help eliminate bacteria. Extend the life of your cartridges in style!