Aliens RX DIABLO OG Triple Distillate Oil Cartridge

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Type: Indica-Dominant Hybrid
THC: 79.2%

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ALIENS RX Diablo OG Triple Distillate Oil Cartridge

Solvent-free, premium THC, triple distillate oil cartridges only contain cannabinoids and terpenes!

Clear Oil 

  • Made from 100% Organic Medical Grade Cannabis
  • Solvent Free Extraction Process
  • Infused with Tasty Organic Terpenes
  • SC Labs Tested
  • Cannabis Cup Winner


  • 510 Thread
  • Contains 1.8g (1800 mg) of THC oil distillate
  • Disposable design
  • Borosilicate Glass & stainless steel housing
  • Ceramic heating elements


Diablo OG, aka Diablo, is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain. It has a 40% indica / 60% sativa ratio, which produces an amazing 20% THC content. Diablo is a cross between Next Generation’s Diablo and OG Kush. Considering its heritage, one would assume it to be your average Kush. But, rest assured, Diablo is incredibly potent and it is not to be underestimated at any costs. Those who are new to smoking cannabis are advised to stay away from the strain.

Diablo has an incredible blend of taste and aroma because it effectively mixes grapefruit and blueberry flavors with hash and black pepper undertones. Not only does it last for hours but the strain offers a sensational clear headed high. Additionally, you will feel a soft buzz overcome your body. It will make you feel a bit euphoric and energized and therefore recommended for day time use.

The effects of the strain can provide pain relief up to a certain extent and is perfect for individuals suffering from headaches and even migraines. However, the strain does not knock you out for good. Consequently, the strain is most effective at treating medical conditions like depression, anxiety and even nausea.


ALIENS RX Diablo OG Triple Distillate Oil Cartridge

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1 review for Aliens RX DIABLO OG Triple Distillate Oil Cartridge

  1. Richard E

    strat59 (verified owner)

    i must say, just tried this and almost instant relaxation. but you stay concentrated on what you’re doing.. kind of taste like pineapple raspberry to me.. y’all should try it yourselves and see if i’m right.. nice product. thanks G.O.W.

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